Biasi Riva PLUS Condensing Wall Mounted Boiler
Product Support

The RIVA Plus Boiler offers a unique condensing technology that increases the efficiency of the RIVA Compact and Combi Boilers. With the inclusion of a recuperator, the RIVA Plus can extract the remaining heat from the boiler's exhaust gas and transfer that heat into the return water destined for the boiler's primary heat exchanger. The recuperator guarantees higher efficiency and set-up simplicity. RIVA Plus is the only condensing wall-mounted boiler to offer this technology.

The RIVA Plus Combi version is equipped with a flat plate heat exchanger which heats your domestic water whenever you open the hot water taps. The high efficiency design eliminates all the standby losses associated with storage tank water heaters.

The Riva Non-Condensing Boiler has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the Riva ADVANCE series featuring higher efficiencies and the most modern parts & components. We will continue to support this unit by stocking service parts and processing any warranty claims. If you need are looking for service parts for you Riva Non-Condensing boiler, please contact us.