UEi C75 Eagle Combustion Analyzer
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The Eagle Combustion Analyzers makes combustion analysis as easy as turn the power on, select the fuel and go! The Eagle product line simplifies the complex efficiency process from basic combustion analysis to full system maintenance. Whether you're new to digital combustion analyzing or tired of scrolling through layers of navigation menus, the Eagle offers a quick start-up and a straightforward interface with a professional combination of features.


Eagle 1: C75

Equipped with a new improved user-friendly interface as well as a DMM style rotary selector, a real time clock and a magnet built-in to the boot, the C75 captures and calculates data with professional accuracy and ease.


Eagle 1 C75 Combustion Analyzer Kit

  • Flue Probe
  • AACA4 AC adapter
  • Carrying Case
  • Particle filter
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