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For years, oil de-aerators have been primarily thought of as a problem solver, a "band-aid," used to economically cure air and suction line problems. But, that's only part of the story! All systems benefit from their unique ability to condition the oil prior to burning. Whether it's air elimination, nozzle coking problems, vacuum reduction, oil preheating, or just the elimination of that potentially leaky return line (see piping diagram), Oil De-Aerators are today's safe, economical choice for all oil supply systems.


The Advantages of Oil De-Aerators...

  • Safely Handles suction line air leaks
  • Reduces running vacuum for clear, foam-free oil at the nozzle
  • Removes air entrained in oil during transporting and delivery
  • Eliminates potential leak hazard by eliminating the return line
  • Preheats oil for cleaner combustion
  • Extends filter element life
Available Models
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Granby E700 Oil De-Aerator with fusible link B100 UL/ULC Login
Granby E710F Oil De-Aerator with EX-10 filter, fusible link UL/ULC Login
Granby E721F Oil De-Aerator with EX-21 filter, fusible link UL/ULC Login
Granby E724K Braided flexible hose, 24" - 1/4"NPTM x G 1/4"F, B100 Login
Granby E736K Braided flexible hose, 36" - 1/4"NPTM x G 1/4"F, B100 Login
Mitco P131-18M Braided stainless steel hose 24" x 3/8" Login
Mitco P131-19M Braided stainless steel hose 36" x 3/8" Login
SPX Flow (Tigerloop) S220 Tigerloop Oil De-Aerator Model TN UL Listed Login
SPX Flow (Tigerloop) S220-1 Tigerloop Oil De-Aerator Model BIO Fuel Model Login
SPX Flow (Tigerloop) S220-4 Tigerloop "Combi " Model Oil De-Aerator & Filter Login
SPX Flow (Tigerloop) S220-8 Tigerloop "Combi" Oil De-Aerator with Garber Spin-On Filter Login