Testo Temp Sticks, IR, Ambient and Type K Thermometers
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Testo offers a wide range of thermometers for many applications. Information on our most popular models is listed below. Additional models can be found in the SKU section, contact us for more information.


Testo 905-T1 Temp Stick

One of the fastest stick thermometers, from -58 to +662 °F short-term (1-2 minutes) up to +932 °F. It's exceptionally accurate in higher measuring ranges especially for a digtial thermometer in its price class.


Testo 905-T2 Temp Stick

An innovative digital surface thermometer of professional qualitiy at the lowest price. The spring loaded thermocouple head guarantees fast and accurate measurements for smooth and uneven surfaces.


Testo 810 Pocket Pro

simultaneously measures ambient air and surface temperature via infrared sensors at the touch of a button For example the 810 thermometer can take a non-contact surface temperature of a radiator, or air vent and compare it with the air temperature of the room at the same time. The 810 features a 1-point laser sighting and 6:1 optics ratio, it's also very compact, convenient and easy to operate.


Testo 922 Dual Type K

The testo 922 digital temperature meter measures temperatures and determines the temperature difference in a matter of seconds. The meter comes with connecting points for up to two temperature sensors and wireless connectivity for a third sensor.


Testo 925 Type K

The testo 925 Type K thermocouple therometer uses both corded and optional wireless probes, displaying both temperatuers simultaneously. A user-adjustable and audible alarm sounds if set limits are exceeded, making this a reliable QC instrument. Measurements as well as Max-Min values with time/date can be printed on-site with the optional testo printer

Available Models
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Testo 0554 0190 Type K - Wireless Module for 435,556,560,635,735,925,926 Login
Testo 0554 0191 Type K - Wireless handle for plug in probe heads 556,560,925,926 Login
Testo 0554 0549 Type K - Fast IR Printer Login
Testo 0554 0568 Type K - Thermal printer paper (6) rolls Login
Testo 0554 0592 Type K - 16' Type K extension cable Login
Testo 0560 0810 810 Pocket Pro IR and Ambient Thermometer Login
Testo 0560 8051 805 Mini IR Thermometer Login
Testo 0560 8311 830-T1 IR Thermometer, 10:1 Optics, laser point, Topsafe & Belt Clip Login
Testo 0560 8312 830-T2 IR Thermometer, 12:1 Optics & Dual Laser Login
Testo 0560 8314 830-T4 IR Thermometer, 30:1 Optics & Dual Laser Login
Testo 0560 9055 905-T1 Temperature Stick (immersion / penetration) Login
Testo 0560 9056 905-T2 Temperature Stick (surface probe) Login
Testo 0560 9221 Type K - 922 Dual Thermometer Login
Testo 0560 9250 Type K - 925 Thermometer Login
Testo 0563 8312 830-T2 Kit with surface probe and pouch with belt clip Login
Testo 0563 8314 830-T4 Kit with surface probe and pouch with belt clip Login
Testo 0563 8315 831 Set with 106 Login
Testo 0563 8450 845 Adjustable focus IR thermometer 75:1 Optics with aluminum case Login
Testo 0563 8451 845 with aluminum case and humidity module Login
Testo 0602 0293 Type K - Air / immersion / penetration probe for wireless handle type K Login
Testo 0602 0394 Type K - Surface probe for wireless handle Type K Login