Testo Digital Pressure Meters/Manometers
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Testo offers a wide range of manometers for many applications. Information on our most popular models is listed below. Additional models can be found in the SKU section, contact us for more information.


Testo 512 Digital Manometer/Anemometer

The testo 512 provides simultaneous pressure and flow measurements in one compact, versatile instrument. It offers two user-switchable units of flow: feet per minute (fpm) and meters per second (m/s). Eight different units of pressure can be selected: psi, inches H20, inches Hg, kPa, hPa, Pa, mH20 and mHg. All readings are clearly visible on a large backlit display. The versatile testo 512 provides smoothing between 1 and 20 display refreshes (0.5 sec) yielding a sliding mean reading. Density compensation is built-in. A separate HOLD-MIN-MAX button freezes readings and displays both flow and pressure extremes.


Testo 510 Pocket Pro Pressure/Air Velocity Meter

With the testo 510, performing system tests has never been easier using our single, easy to use, rugged, compact digital manometer. Its small form factor, bright backlit display, as well as magnetic backing will enable the 510 to be used in a wide variety of applications.


Testo 511 Pocket Pro Pressure/Altitude Meter

testo 511 measures absolute pressure for i.e. absolute pressure compensation at ducts with a pitot tube. It's +/-1.2 "H20 accurate. It can also calculate barometric pressure and measure altititue. This handy pocket meter is very easy to operate.

Available Models
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Testo 0560 0511 511 Pocket Pro Absolute Pressure & Altitude Meter Login
Testo 0560 5127 512 Digital Manometer / Anemometer +/- 10" WC (0 to 20hPa) Login
Testo 0563 0510 510 Pocket Pro Pressure Set (Instrument Only) Login