Testo Gas, Ambient CO, Flue Leak Detectors
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Testo 316-1

Speedy and sure detection of gas leaks in natural gas pipes. The testo 316-1 natural gas leak detector with two-stage visual alarm system. Ideal for carrying out quick and reliable checks.


Testo 315-2

Reliable warning of CO poisoning, DVGW approval with calibration protocol, Quick and practical documentation of data on location, printout with date/time and recommended value (alarm limit)


Testo 317-1

The testo 317-1 quickly and efficiently detects escaping flue gases at the source. Flue gas escaping from a burner is caused by equipment failure and is an indicator of CO in the living space & an audible and optical alarm is triggered.


Testo 317-2

Shows gas concentration in visual bar display, Sensor self-test following switch-on, Increasing alarm sounds with increasing gas concentration & Audible confirmation of readiness to operate.


Testo 317-3

The testo 317-3 ambient CO meter detects the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air and warns the user as potentially harmful CO concentrations are reached.

Available Models
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Testo 0516 0189 Testo Leak Detection - Topsafe case for 316-1 Login
Testo 0516 0191 Testo Leak Detection - Service case Login
Testo 0632 0316 Testo Leak Detection - 316-1 Gas Leak Detector, includes battery Login
Testo 0632 3170 Testo Leak Detection - 317-1 Flue Leak Detector Login
Testo 0632 3172 Testo Leak Detection - 317-2 Gas Leak Stick Login
Testo 0632 3173 Testo Leak Detection - 317-3 Ambient CO Stick Login