Testo Smart Probes Heating Set - Smart and Wireless Probe Kit
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The testo Hydronic Heating System Smart Probe Set contains three instruments designed for use on a hydronic heating system to determine gas flow and static pressure, measure temperature of radiators with an IR probe, and to measure pressure leak-down tests in piping systems.


Key Features:

  • Measures manifold gas pressure, pressure drop, air flow, (with optional pitot tube), pipe and radiator temperatures
  • Perform timed pressure leak-down tests on pipe systems
  • Measures temperature of pipes in heating and cooling systems with accurate and stable NTC temperature sensor
  • Photograph objects with smart device, capturing measurement marker and temperature values for reference and reporting (805i)


What's included:

testo Smart Probes – hydronic heating set for pressure and temperature measurement on heating systems. Consists of: testo 115i, testo 510i incl. hose set (Ø 0.15 in and 0.2 in) with adapter, testo 805i, testo Smart Case (heating), batteries, and certificate of calibration


Available Models
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Testo 0516 0270 Heating Smart Probes - Case Login
Testo 0560 1510 Heating Smart Probes - 510i Differential Pressure Smart Probe Login
Testo 0560 1805 Heating Smart Probes - 805i IR Thermometer Smart Probe Login