Testo Air Flow & Velocity Vane Anemometers
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Testo offers a wide range of anemometers for many applications. Information on our most popular models is listed below. Additional models can be found in the SKU section, contact us for more information.


Testo 416 Small Vane Anemometer

Accurately and easily measures air velocity and volume flow (CFM) for in-duct and a variety of HVAC applications above 120 fpm. As vane technology is inherently air density independent, the testo 416 handheld digital vane anemometer provides repeatable and reliable readings test after test.


Testo 417 Large Vane Anemometer

With readings of up to 4,000 fpm, the testo 417 rotating vane anemometer is ideal for collecting air velocity, CFM, and temperature measurements at supply and return grills. Having a larger vane, this air flow meter can cover a larger surface area, ensuring accurate measurements with each use.


Testo 425 Hot Wire Anemometer

Confirm cubic feet per minute (CFM) when conducting duct testing as well as easily switch between flow and temperature readings. The telescoping handle of the thermal probe on this CFM meter makes it easy to reach ductwork above your head.

Available Models
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Testo 0560 4053 405-V1 Thermo Anemometer (metric only) Login
Testo 0560 4101 410-1 Pocket Pro Air Velocity & Temp Meter Login
Testo 0560 4102 410-2 Pocket Pro Air Velocity, Temp & RH Meter Login
Testo 0560 4160 416 Mini Vane Anemometer (0.63" Dia. Head) Login
Testo 0560 4170 417 Large Vane Anemometer (4" Dia. Head) Login
Testo 0560 4251 425 CFM Hot-Wire Anemometer Login
Testo 400563 4161 416 Small Vane Anemometer Kit Includes: Login
Testo 400563 4170 417 Large vane Anemometer Kit Includes: Login
Testo 400563 4251 425 Hot Wire Anemometer Kit Includes: Login