Oil Tank Containment Pans and Trays
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New installations of 200 gallon steel tanks. Wide Tray:  72" long 27" wide 5" high Containment capacity: 150 liters.  Designed to protect from tank/filter/burner fittings or overfill situation. 

For retrofitting existing steel tanks 200 gallon.  Narrow Tray:  72" long 14.5" wide 2.75" high.  Containment capacity: 30 liters.

Protection for burner, filter & connection leaks. Fits under burners and filters.  L Shaped Burner Tray:  31" long (side) 13" wide (side) 2.75" high.  Containment capacity:  22 liters.

Protection for burner and/or filter leaks. Rectangular Filter Tray:  24" long 13" wide 2.75" high. Containment capacity: 10.75 liters.



Available Models
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Oil Yeller A-003 ALARM: Model MK-003 Type 9 Volt battery operated (battery incl) Login
Oil Yeller A-004 ALARM: Model MK-004 Type Direct Connection to security system Login
Oil Yeller BP-002 Install Kits: (4) steel plate & gasket set, for installation of PA-001 & PA-003 Login
Oil Yeller EB-002 Extension Bracket, designed to extend a PA-002 for a 250 gal tank Login
Oil Yeller PA-001 Wide Tray: 72" long 27" wide 5" high 200 gallon. Containment capacity: 150 liters, for new 200 gallon steel tanks. Login
Oil Yeller PA-002 Narrow Tray: 72" long 14.5" wide 2.75" high, 200 gallon. Containment capacity: 30 liters, for retrofitting existing tanks. Login
Oil Yeller PA-003 Wide 250 Imp gal (1137L) Tank Tray (install tank in tray) size:(84" x 30" x 5") - Req. BP-002 Login
Oil Yeller PA-004 Narrow 250 Imp gal (1137L)Tank Tray for new Granby Tanks (angled legs) size:(72" x 17.25" x 2.75") Login
Oil Yeller PA-005 L Shaped Burner Tray: 31" long (side) 13" wide (side) 2.75" high. Containment capacity: 22 liters, for burner, filter and connections. Login
Oil Yeller PA-008 Rectangular Filter Tray: 24" long 13" wide 2.75" high. Containment capacity: 10.75 liters, for burners and/or filter leaks. Login
Oil Yeller PA-009 NEW Tray for Granby & Roth 2-in-1 (680L to 1000L) Steel tank (680L) Vilco 125 Login
Oil Yeller PA-010 NEW Tank Tray for Roth 2-in-1, Models 400 / 620 L Login