Cold Blocker Garage and Residential Tube Heaters
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A new compact size energy efficient infrared gas tube heater is now available for use in residential and light commercial buildings. The Space-Ray Cold Blocker CB Series industrial strength infrared heater is made especially for residential garages, workshops or virtually any small unheated space. It's compact size (only 9 feet 3 inches in overall length) allows placement in those small, hard to heat areas where longer tube heaters could not previously be used.

With the Space-Ray Cold Blocker CB Series, improved comfort levels can be achieved along with lower fuel bills. In many buildings, owners have experienced annual fuel savings of between 30% and 50% when compared to conventional forced air systems. Now this savings and comfort can be yours too.See specifications sheet and SKU list for more information or contact us today.

Available Models
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Spaceray 43485000 ColdBlocker Accessories - Emitter Guard Kit - 8ft x 18 inch Login
Spaceray 43486000 ColdBlocker Accessories - Draft Inducer Guard Kit Login
Spaceray 43504000 ColdBlocker Accessories - Deflector Kit - for reduced clearances below the heater Login
Spaceray 43515000 ColdBlocker Accessories - Lower Mounting Kit for installations 6ft to 8ft above floor Login
Spaceray 44444000 ColdBlocker Accessories - Outdoor Cover Kit - includes cabinet, grille and exhaust hood Login
Spaceray CB20 Cold Blocker Residential/Garage Infrared Tube Heater - 20,000 BTU Login
Spaceray CB30 Cold Blocker Residential/Garage Infrared Tube Heater - 30,000 BTU Login
Spaceray CB40 Cold Blocker Residential/Garage Infrared Tube Heater - 40,000 BTU Login
Spaceray CB50 Cold Blocker Residential/Garage Infrared Tube Heater - 50,000 BTU Login