Misc Oil Service Tools, Including Bleed Wrenches, Flame Mirrors, Etc
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Turn-A-Kit Bleed Wrenches

Quickly and cleanly bleeds fuel oil units with a simple turn of the wrench. Oil flows through clear tubing provided into catch can.


Delevan Flame Mirrors

Two types of flame inspection mirrors are available. They are furnished with handles, which telescope down to fit in a service technicians kit. A cloth bag is provided to protect the mirror finish.


Mitco Tankless Coil Tester

B134-50M: Accurately checks boiler pressure, indicates local water pressure ratings, indicates leaks in tankless heater coils.


Mitco Porcelain Cutter

416M: Adjusts to cut 7/16”, 1/2” and 5/8” diameter porcelains.


Mitco Bradd Poppet Check Valve

The Mitco 499M is a brass poppet oil line check valve that prevents the reverse flow of oil. Pipe Size: 3/8 x 3/8. Max Pressure: 1200 psi

Available Models
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Mitco 416M Porcelain cutter Login
Mitco 499-1M Check valve, brass, poppet, 7/16" opening, 1/2" X 1/2" FNPT end connection Login
Mitco 499M Check valve, brass, poppet, 3/8" opening, 3/8" X 3/8" FNPT end connection Login
Mitco 90-2 Inspection Mirror - Mini Mirror (Face 1-1/8" x 3) with extension handle Login
Mitco 9062 Inspection Mirror - Round Mirror 1 1/4" extends to 19" Login
Mitco B134-50M Tankless coil tester Login
Mitco F1-89 Absorbment Pads (100) 15" x 19" Login
Mitco K41-5M Condensate float switch, 60" wire Login
Mitco K41M Condensate float switch, 12" wire Login
Mitco K43M Condensate drain pan fitting Login
Mitco N29-100M Thermometer, pocket style with sleeve and pocket clip, -40 to +180 deg. F Login
Mitco N29-102M Thermometer, pocket style with sleeve and pocket clip, 0 to +200 deg. F Login
Mitco P131-10M Bleed wrench - Turn-A-Kit, T-handle Login
Mitco P131-11M Bleed wrench - Turn-A-Kit, offset handle Login
Mitco T395-5M Tool, dual purpose crimper for insulated and non-insulated solderless terminals Login
Mitco T397-122M Bleed wrench - Hose, for Turn-A-Kit - clear vinyl (Pkg 6) Login