Misc Combustion Materials and Gasket Material

High Temp 440 Paper (650-50M):

For use in wood burning stoves and electric heaters. For welding and brazing protection. Perfect for heat sheild and burner flange gasket material.

Temperature stability to 1300 degrees F, thermo paper is flexible and easy to wrap, shape and cut. Low thermal conductivity guarentees safety. Sheet size is 24"x24"x1/8" in a box of 6 sheets.


Maniglass 1200 (650-52M):

High temperature gasket material. Heat resistant up to 1450 degrees F. Package includes three 24"x24" sheets. Perfect for heat shield and burner flange gaskets.


Kaowool Strips:

Soft ceramic fiber blanket strips commonly used as gasket material. Withstands 2300 degrees F


Combustion Chamber Boards:

Rigid ceramic fiber board. Withstands temperatures up to 2300 degrees F. Easily cut and drilled. Many applications

Available Models
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Lynn 624-20 Refractory Cement - Waterglass special for Kaowool. Login
Lynn 633-60 Burner Head Protector - Fits up 4" OD Oil & Gas Burner Heads Login
Lynn 633-90 Kaowool Strip - Size: 150" x 2" x 1" - Substitute for asbestos rope. Login
Lynn 633-95 Combustion Chamber Board - Size: 20" x 20" x 1" - Temp: up to 2300 Login
Lynn 633-98 Hole Plug - For 5/16" flue pipe holes (Pkg 100) Login
Mitco 650-50M Gasket Material - Thermo 440 Paper - 24" x 24" sheets - Upto 1300'F (Pkg 6) Login
Mitco 650-52M Gasket material - Manniglass 1200 - 24" x 24" sheets - Upto 1450'F (Pkg 3) Login