Mitco Pressure Vacuum Pump, Deluxe Kit, and Parts
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Kwik-Fit Pressure Vacuum Pump

P132M: For use with air or liquids. Clears obstructed lines, frees stuck valves, adds chemicals to boilers.

  • T-handle for easy operation.
  • Sleeved in vinyl to reduce denting.
  • Produces higher pressures.

P132-4M: Replacement oil ring for Mitco 1-1/4” tube.

P132-5M: Replacement oil ring for Firomatic 1-1/2” tube.


Deluxe Kwik-Fit Kit

  • Special ‘O’ ring fittings-connections need hand tightening only.
  • Comes in high impact plastic case.

P132-7M: Includes plastic tool box, fittings and hoses.

P132-8M: Includes pump, tool box, and the necessary fittings and hoses for quick adaptation of the pressure vacuum pump to clear oil lines or to add boiler chemicals.

P132-10M: Plastic tool box only.

Available Models
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Mitco P132-10M Kwik-Fit pressure and vacuum pump, toolbox only Login
Mitco P132-4M Kwik-Fit pressure and vacuum pump, O-ring only Login
Mitco P132-5M Kwik-Fit pressure and vacuum pump, Firomatic tube only, 1-1/2" OD Login
Mitco P132-7M Kwik-Fit pressure and vacuum pump, adapter/hose kit only and toolbox, less pump Login
Mitco P132-8M Kwik-Fit pressure and vacuum pump kit with pump, O-rings, adapter/hose and toolbox Login
Mitco P132M Kwik-Fit pressure and vacuum pump, pump only Login