HydroLevel Controls Hydrostat 3250 Plus Aquastat & LWC
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Replaces Cold Start and Triple-Action Aquastats
• Install HydroStat on existing immersion well – for full temperature and boiler reset functionality, or
• Install HydroStat on an Electro-Well™ – to add low water cut-off protection

Easy Dial Type Set-Up
• Simply dial in the Temperature Limit and Economy settings

Dynamic Temperature Display
• Clearly displays boiler temperature
• Instantly changes to show setting whenever any dial is adjusted

LED Status Lights
• Displays which functions are active and which function is not allowing the burner to fire

Test/Settings Button
• Tests the low water cut-off and displays all control settings

Easy to Wire
• Uses the same terminal designations as common Aquastat® models

Smart DHW Priority
• Closely monitors boiler temperature to prioritize domestic hot water calls when needed

Available Models
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Hydrolevel C-H102 Hystrostat Remote Mount Kit with 48" Sensor Login
Hydrolevel C-H205 Electro-Well 3/4" Short Immersion Well Login
Hydrolevel C-H3250R 3250R Fuel Smart Control Only Login
Hydrolevel C-HH3250KIT 3250 Plus Control Kit Includes: Control, Immersion Well, Remote Mount Kit & Outdoor Sensor Login
Hydrolevel C-OS-100 Outdoor Sensor Kit for Hydrostat 3250-Plus Login