OEM Replacement Parts for Heatwise Gas Burners
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Please see the SKU list below for a complete listing of our Heatwise OEM replacement parts. Use the drop down button to refine your search by model. If you need immediate delivery and stock information, please contact us.


Please Note: These burners are no longer available for sale, the information we have here is intended as reference information for existing installations only. Ward Heating maintains a large stock of replacement parts for existing installations. Please contact us for more information.

Available Parts
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Heatwise 1136401 Union for SU-3/SU-4 Login
Heatwise 11534703 Flame Rod for SU-3/SU-4 Login
Heatwise 11534704 Ignition Electrode for SU-3/SU-4 Login
Heatwise 1175170505 SU-3/SU-4 Blast Tube (5-1/4") Login
Heatwise 11872601 Fan Wheel - 146mm Login
Heatwise 11901402 Ionization Cable Login
Heatwise 11904001 Fixed Flange (HW 10195) Login
Heatwise 11938501 Retention Head (less electrodes) Login
Heatwise 122805 Gasket for Fixed Flange (HW 10195-1) Login
Allanson 2260-TP Allanson Low Profile Ignition Transformer Login
Heatwise 2440VA 24V Transformer (see HCT-01E0K) Login
Wayne 5SAY France Ignition Transformer (See W62407-001) Login
Heatwise DS2132 1/6HP PSC Burner Motor Login
Heatwise ES2057 Air Flow Switch (see HW 6041A) Login
Honeywell S89F S89F Control with 30 Pre-Purge (See W62759-002) Login
Honeywell VR8305 Gas Valve 3/4" for SU-3/SU-4 (See W62374-004) Login