Danfoss and Hago Oil Burner Nozzles
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Danfoss Oil Burner Nozzles

Danfoss presents the well known “A” and “OD ” programs of brass oil nozzles. The North American “A” series nozzles are available in 5 different spray angles between 40° and 90° in capacities from .30 to 3.00 USgal/h. Above 3.00 USgal/h and below 0.4 USgal/h the “OD” type is used.

Each nozzle is thoroughly tested both electronically and visually for function and uniformity.

To optimize operating performance and out of consideration for the environment, we recommend changing the nozzle once a year.

Also Available from Danfoss:

  • Pest Control Nozzles
  • Large Capacity Nozzles
  • By Pass Nozzles
  • Industrial & Commercial Nozzles

Hago Oil Burner Nozzles

Danfoss Hago presents a complete program of stainless steel simplex oil nozzles available in capacities from 0.30 to 35.00 USgal/h in a variety of oil spray cone patterns and spray angles.

Every nozzle produced by Danfoss Hago is quality tested. A 100 percent electronic test and visual test insure correct nozzle function and spray pattern uniformity.

Available Spray Patterns:

  • Extra Hollow Cone
  • Hollow Cone
  • Semi-Solid Cone
  • Solid Cone

Universal Nozzle