Crown Phantom Series Condensing Gas Boilers
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Crown PHANTOM Wall Mount Condensing Gas Boiler

Meet the Phantom®! This wall-mounted condensing boiler has a stainless steel water tube heat exchanger, and is Crown’s most efficient offering. The Phantom® is available in five sizes (80, 100, 120, 150, and 180 MBH) with multiple venting options. The Phantom offers “Smart Boiler” capabilities, like outdoor reset and a modulating burner with 5:1 turndown ratio. A Honeywell SOLA control with a touchscreen user interface comes standard, as does low water cutoff, and side panel access to the circulator makes this boiler a serviceman’s dream. Watch the video below to learn more about the new Phantom® stainless steel condensing boiler from Crown Boiler!


Crown Phantom-X Stackable Condensing Gas Boiler

The Phantom-X Series boiler is a stainless steel, water tube, high-efficiency,
condensing, gas-fired, hot water boiler available in larger sizes than the wall
mounted Phantom boiler. There are multiple venting options to suit installer
preferences, and the Phantom X is stackable for floor space savings (see image
below). The Phantom-X is available in natural gas, with a field conversion for LP
gas. The Phantom-X has a modulating burner with a 5:1 turndown ratio and supports
multiple boiler lead/lag for up to 8 boilers. Smart boiler features, like
domestic priority with priority protection, warm weather shutdown, freeze
protection, and pump exercise, make the Phantom-X an excellent option
for both residential and commercial applications.


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Available Models
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Crown PHNTM080 Phantom Modulation-Condensing Gas Boiler - 80,000 Input BTU/HR Login
Crown PHNTM100 Phantom Modulation-Condensing Gas Boiler - 100,000 Input BTU/HR Login
Crown PHNTM120 Phantom Modulation-Condensing Gas Boiler - 120,000 Input BTU/HR Login
Crown PHNTM150 Phantom Modulation-Condensing Gas Boiler - 150,000 Input BTU/HR Login
Crown PHNTM180 Phantom Modulation-Condensing Gas Boiler - 180,000 Input BTU/HR Login
Crown PHNTM210 Phantom-X Modulation-Condensing Gas Boiler - 210,000 Input BTU/HR Login
Crown PHNTM285 Phantom-X Modulation-Condensing Gas Boiler - 285,000 Input BTU/HR Login
Crown PHNTM399 Phantom-X Modulation-Condensing Gas Boiler - 399,000 Input BTU/HR Login
Crown PHNTM500 Phantom-X Modulation-Condensing Gas Boiler - 500,000 Input BTU/HR Login