Carlin 702 Commercial Gas Burner - Range: 840,000 – 1,600,000 BTU/h
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The 702 Gas advanced gas burner features Carlin’s adjustable combustion head assembly- for unmatched fuel/air mixing, smooth light-offs and quiet running. The automatically-closed air damper and low-high-low step modulation improve efficiency by closer matching of output to demand and reduced stand-by losses typical savings of 15-20% in seasonal fuel usage when compared to single-stage flame retention burners. With technology proven for years in the field and in extensive boiler and furnace testing, these burners will meet your needs for commercial burner applications.

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Available Models
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Carlin 23382S replaces 23382BLU1S 702GAS Pedestal Mounting for 601GAS & 702GAS Login
Carlin 51572G replaces 99743G (702) 702GAS 1-1/2" Gas Train - Low Pressure to 1200MBTUh - Standard Pressure to 1600 MBTUh (Sold Seperately) Login
Carlin 51572J replaces 99743J (702) 702GAS 2" Gas Train - Low Pressure to 1600MBTUh - Standard Pressure to 1600MBTUh (Sold Seperately) Login
Carlin 52500A replaces 50065V50 702GAS Standard Chassis Only - 14" Air Tube - Range: 840-1600 MBTUh Login
Carlin 73007AS (702) 702GAS Propane Orifice (Sold Seperately) Login
Carlin 73007S (702) 702GAS Natural Gas Orifice (Sold Seperately) Login