Replacement Burner Motors for multiple Oil Burners
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Available Models
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Carlin 98022CAPS Replacement Capacitor for C98022S, C98611S,C98628S Motor Login
Carlin 98022S Burner Motor - 1/6HP - 3450RPM - Freq: 60 - Replaces: Beckett AF & AFG, Carlin EZ and Wayne HS & HSG Login
Carlin 98611S Burner Motor - 1/6HP - 3450RPM - Freq: 60 - Replaces: Aero Hi-Speed, Carlin 201 & 301 Gas (48N Frame) Login
Carlin 98627S Burner Motor - 1/6HP - 3390RPM - Freq: 50 - Replaces: Residential 50 Hz Burners (48M Frame) Login
Carlin 98629CAPS Replacement Capacitor for C98629S Motor Login
Carlin 98629S Burner Motor - 1/15HP - 3450RPM - Freq: 60 - Replaces: Carlin EZ Gas Burner (48M Frame) Login
Carlin 98630CAPS Replacement Capacitor for C98630S Motor Login
Carlin 98630S Burner Motor - 1/4HP - 3450RPM - Freq: 60 - Replaces: Carlin 201/301 Oil (48N Frame) Login
Carlin 98866S Burner Motor - 1/6HP - 1725RPM - Freq: 60 - Replaces: Aero Lo-Speed (48N Frame) Login
Carlin 99220S Burner Motor - 1/4HP - 3450RPM - Freq: 50 - Replaces: Carlin 201/301 Oil Burner (48N Frame) (220VAC) Login
Mitco F2-31M Oil, motor lubricating, 1-1/4" oz. tube with dispenser (Pack 6) Login
Mitco F2-32M Oil, motor lubricating, 1 qt. Bottle Login
Mitco F2-40M Oil, motor lubricating, 4 oz. Reach-All bottle with pullout spout/dispenser Login