Suntec Booster Pump
Product Support

The Suntec Booster Pump Assembly has recently been updated. Both old and new versions are in the field, with the biggest differences being the location of the motor and the type of coupling used. Only the newer version is available as a complete assembly, but parts are available for both.

  • Pump: Most Boost pumps have a 1-20PSI pressure range
  • Bracket: The rugged grey casting is presicely machines to align the pump and a standard 48M burner motor
  • Adapter Plate: Allows the use of a 48N frame motor
  • Motor: Standard 2-lug, 115-1-60 motor
  • Coupling: Direct drive, flexible, oil resistant coupling for long life and quiet operation


Available Models
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Beckett 134503 Booster Pump Parts - 1/6 HP Motor for the BB-1020M Login
Mitco 148-6 Booster Pump Parts - 6" Coupling Kit. (Old Version) Login
Suntec B2VA-8241 Booster Pump Parts - Suntec B2VA-8241 Fuel Oil Pump (New and Old Versions) Login
Suntec BB-1020CM Booster Pump - Assembly with motor and pump - Suntec B2VA-8241 - 20 GPH Login