High Efficiency Electric Boiler
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The AT Series Electric Boiler is 100% efficient. No wasted energy. This means no fossil fuel and no chimney.

It is ideal for in-floor heating systems, standard baseboard and radiator heating systems as well as for use as a backup heat source for solar applications.

Cost-efficient solution: low annual maintenance required compared to the costs associated with the maintenance of oil and gas systems.

Advanced Microprocessor Control: Safely and efficiently controls the heating elements by monitoring each relay contact that powers the heating elements.

Advanced Load Managing Controller: This gives you the option to allow your utility provider, electric co-op or building management system to remotely control the boiler, contributing to eliminating or reducing electricity peak demand.

Available Models
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Granby AT062310C15 2 Elements - 6KW/hr - 20,500 BTU/hr Login
Granby AT082410C15 2 Elements - 8KW/hr - 27,300 BTU/hr Login
Granby AT102510C15 2 Elements - 10KW/hr - 34,100 BTU/hr Login
Granby AT122610C15 2 Elements - 12KW/hr - 41,000 BTU/hr Login
Granby AT124310C15 4 Elements - 12KW/hr - 41,000 BTU/hr Login
Granby AT124310C15-MOD Modular- 28KW/hr - 95,600 BTU/hr - requires part AT124310C15 & AT164410C15 Login
Granby AT164410C15 4 Elements - 16KW/hr - 54,600 BTU/hr Login
Granby AT164410C15-MOD Modular - 32KW/hr - 109,200 BTU/hr - requires 2 - AT164410C15 Login
Granby AT204510C15 4 Elements - 20KW/hr - 68,200 BTU/hr Login
Granby AT204510C15 - MOD Modular - 40KW/hr - 109,200 BTU/hr - requires 2 - AT204510C15 Login
Granby AT244510C15 4 Elements - 24KW/hr - 82,000 BTU/hr Login