Installation Accessories for Bard Heat Pumps
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We offer a wide variety of accessories for your Bard geothermal installation. Use the SKU list below to locate the flow centres, fittings, supply valves and more you need for your installation. If you have any questions about these products, please contact us.

Available Models
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Bard 8403-060 Digital Programmable Thermostat - Up to 3 stage cool, 3 stage heat-Heat/Cool or Heat Pump, 1 or 2 stage compressors Login
Bard 8405-005 Locking thermostat cover - Clear acrylic construction - Size: 7-1/4" H x 9-3/4" W x 3-3/8" deep Login
Bard 8405-007 Locking thermostat cover - Beige painted steel - Size: 7-1/8" H x 9-5/8" W x 3-1/4" deep Login
Bard 8603-006 Water Supply Valve. 1" FPT 24V PVC solenoid valve and internal manual bleed lever Login
Bard 8603-012 Flow Meter 1-10 GPM, 3/4" FPT Login
Bard 8603-017 Flow Meter, 1-17 GPM, 1" FPT Login
Bard 8603-026 1/4" Pressure / Temperature Test Plug Login
Bard 8603-027 1/4" FPT Gauge Adapter with 1/8" heavy duty probe Login
Bard 8603-028 1/4" MPT 0 to 100 PSI Gauge Login
Bard 8603-029 Pocket Thermometer, 1/8" Probe 0 to +220 deg. F Login
Taco 8603-033 Water Supply Valve. Login
Bard CFV-10 Constant Flow Valve 10GPM, 3/4" FPT for GV71 Unit Login
Bard CFV-5 Constant Flow Valve 5GPM, 3/4" FPT for GV27 Unit Login
Bard CFV-6 Constant Flow Valve 6GPM, 3/4" FPT for GV38 Unit Login
Bard CFV-7 Constant Flow Valve 7GPM, 3/4" FPT for GV51 Unit Login
Bard CFV-9 Constant Flow Valve 9GPM, 3/4" FPT for GV61 Unit Login
Bard CLB1-S 2 of 1" straight barbed quick connect caml-lever female fittings to connect to DORCL1-90 fittings Login
Bard DORB1-90-4HC 2 of 1" barbed 90 Login
Bard DORB1-S-4HC 2 of 1" barbed straight double o-ring fittings with 4 of 1" SS hose clamps Login
Bard DORCL1-90 2 of 90" Double o-ring quick connect cam-lever male fittings for flush attachment to loop flow centre Login
Bard DORF125-S 2 of 1.25" fusion straight double o-ring fittings Login
Bard DORFC-1 Single Pump Flow Centre (22 feet max. head @ 16 GPM) 1" pipe connections, enclosed cabinet Login
Bard DORFC-2 Dual Pump Flow Centre (44 feet max . head @ 16 GPM) 1" pipe connections, enclosed cabinet Login
Bard DORFP1-S 2 of 1" FPT straight double o-ring fittings Login
Bard DORGHMT 1 of Double o-ring x male garden hose adapter fitting for loop flow centre (to burp/boost loop) Login
Bard DORGPT-1 Geo-Prime non pressurized tank with double o-ring fittings: designed for use with DORFC Login
Bard DORLFCK-1 Loop Flow Centre Kit - Contains: DORB1090-4HC (2), DORB1-S-4HC (1), 12FT Hose (1), SS Hose Clamps (8) Login
Bard DORMP1-90 2 of 1" MPT 90 Login
Bard DORMP1-S 2 of 1" MPT straight double o-ring fittings Login
Bard DORS1-S 2 of 1" copper sweat straight double o-ring fittings with Login
Bard GGK-1 1 of Geo-Gooser w/ shut off valve, 0-100 PSI gauge, garden hose connection, P/T fitting 1/8" probe Login
Bard GWK-1 Ground Water Kit - Contains: DORB1-90-4HC (2), 8603-033 Water Supply Valve (1) Login
Bard HK1-25 1 of 25' section of PSI hose Login
Honeywell TH832OU1008 Vision Pro Digital Touch Thermostat - Up to 2 Heat/2 Cool Conventional Systems and Up to 3 Heat/2 Cool Heat Pumps Login