Bacharach Classic Combustion, Smoke, Draft, CO2
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Classic Combustion Kit

The Bacharach Mechanical Oil/Gas Testing Kits are complete kits that have HVAC technicians and contractors in mind. They include everything needed to perform a comprehensive combustion test, including the Fyrite® Classic (0-20% CO2), MZF Draft Gauge, True Spot® smoke tester, fire efficiency finder and a Tempoint® thermometer in a carrying case.


True Spot Smoke Test Kit

The True Spot® smoke test method has long been recognized as the accepted standard for oil burner smoke tests. Testing the smoke content of flue gases takes less than one minute and is easily determined using the smoke scale included with the instrument.

The True Spot® is an indispensable part of any oil burner service job. High smoke levels can cause premature failure in the combustion appliance/equipment, can damage relatively expensive electronic combustion analyzers, and can indicate excessive fuel usage.


Classic CO2 and O2 Kit

The Fyrite® Classic is a tried-and-true instrument for measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide. The Fyrite® Classic is available for O2 or CO2, and each gas type of Fyrite® is available in multiple ranges to meet a variety of applications, from combustion analysis to incubators to anesthesiology.

The Fyrite® Classic contains fluid that is specifically designed to absorb O2 or CO2 with minimal cross-sensitivities to other gases, which leads to accurate readings. It is easy to test the fluid’s strength and replace it when needed – which means no need to return the unit for service and no downtime.


MZF Draft Gauge

The MZF Draft Gauge is a portable manometer that enables contractors and technicians to quickly and accurately measure draft. The MZF is suitable for many applications, including checking flue pipes, chimneys, draft regulators, basement ventilation and more. It does not require tedious leveling or liquid refilling like other manometer types, so it is always ready for immediate use.

Available Models
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Bacharach 10-5000 Fyrite CO2 Kit - contains: bottle, sampling assembly, filtering material, fire efficiency finder and carrying case. Range 0% to 20% C02. Login
Bacharach 10-5011 Fyrite CO2 Kit - C02 Sampling Assembly Login
Bacharach 10-5022 Classic Series Oil Burner Combustion Kit Login
Bacharach 11-0071 Fyrite CO2 Kit - Fire Efficiency Finder with Oil Login
Bacharach 11-0106 Fyrite CO2 Kit - Sampling Tube Login
Bacharach 11-0118 Fyrite CO2 Kit - Rubber Tubing 6" Login
Bacharach 11-0120 Fyrite CO2 Kit - Aspirator Bulb Login
Bacharach 11-0121 Fyrite CO2 Kit - Filter Material Envelope Login
Bacharach 11-0138 Fyrite CO2 Kit - Aspirator Valve ( Inlet or Outlet) Login
Bacharach 11-0144 Fyrite CO2 Kit - New Style CO2 Scale 20% Login
Bacharach 11-0152 Fyrite CO2 Kit - Connector Tip Assembly Login
Bacharach 11-0180 Fyrite CO2 Kit - Filter Nipple with Bushing Login
Bacharach 13-3000 Draft-Rite Pocket Draft Gauge - +0.10" to -0.14" W.C. Login
Bacharach 13-3001 Draft-Rite Pocket Draft Gauge - Pocket Draft Gauge +0.05" to -0.25" W.C. Login
Bacharach 13-7019 MZF Draft Gauge - +0.05" to -0.25" W.C. Login
Bacharach 21-0013 True Spot Smoke Tester - Guard Spring Login
Bacharach 21-0018 True Spot Smoke Tester - Bacharach Smoke Scale Login
Bacharach 21-0019 True Spot Smoke Tester - Filter Smoke Paper (10 Sheets of 4) Login
Bacharach 21-0020 True Spot Smoke Tester - Scale/Paper PKG (10 Rows of 4 Strips) Login
Bacharach 21-0040 True Spot Smoke Tester - True Spot Lubricant Login
Bacharach 21-0071 True Spot Smoke Tester - Rubber Hose 4" (Replaces 21-0014) Login
Bacharach 21-0072 True Spot Smoke Tester - Sampling Tube (Replaces 21-0012) Login
Bacharach 21-0074 True Spot Smoke Tester - Valve Body (Replaces 21-0030) Login
Bacharach 21-7006 True Spot Smoke Tester - Smoke Set, Includes test pump, smoke scale and lubricant Login
Mitco N27-16M Mitco Smoke Check - combustion smoke tester, includes paper, scale, instructions Login
Mitco N28-16M Fyrite CO2 Kit - CO2 repair kit for Fyrite Series analyzer Login
Mitco N28-17M Fyrite CO2 Kit - CO2 refill package for Fyrite Series analyzer Login
Mitco N29-26M Mitco Smoke Check - Smoke test paper, 50 strips per pack Login
Mitco N29-67M Fyrite CO2 Kit - Clearview fluid for Fyrite Series CO2 analyzer Login
Mitco N29-76M Stack Thermometer - 3" dial, 6" stem, 200 to 1000 deg. F Login