Bacharach Fyrite Tech60 Entry-level combustion analyzer
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This product has been retired. See the Bacharach Fyrite InTech Combustion Analyzer CO, O2 Kit

The Bacharach Fyrite Tech 60 analyzer offers service technicians the easiest and most affordable way to gain the benefits of electronic-combustion testing. This Tech 60 kit includes a rugged hard case and a protective rubber boot to protect the instrument.

The Fyrite Tech 60 offers service technicians an economical means to achieve greater precision than can be obtained with visual tests. From carbon monoxide testing to oxygen and stack temperature measurement, the Fyrite Tech 60 lets technicians instantly gather the precise measurements needed to ensure the safe, compliant, and efficient operation of residential fuel-burning appliances and furnaces.


Measures: Oxygen, Stack Temperature, Ambient Temperature, Carbon Monoxide

Calculates: Combustion Efficiency, Carbon Dioxide, Excess Air, CO (Air Free)

Selectable Fuels: Natural Gas, Oil #2, Propane, Kerosene

Kit Includes: Probe, and 4 AA Batteries, Hard Carrying Case, and Rubber Boot

Warranty Information: The Bacharach Fyrite Tech 60 has a 2-year warranty, including sensors

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