Amtrol Extrol Boiler System Expansion Tanks
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Amtrol designed and patented the first Extrol diaphragm expansion tank in 1954 to control system pressure and help reduce energy consumption in heating and chilled water systems. Over six decades later, Extrol is still the world’s leading expansion tank brand, setting the standard for quality, reliability and innovation. All Extrol tanks are made in the USA at our ISO registered facilities by American workers dedicated to producing the highest quality expansion tanks in the world.

Product Features:

  • Automatic Air Vent eliminates system air
  • Air Purger separates air from water
  • System connection sets the point of no pressure change
  • Watertight reservoir for expanded water
  • Thick, heavy duty Butyl/EPDM diaphragm for long service life
  • Strong, deep-drawn steel tank
  • Sealed air cushion — factory pre-charged and 100% tested
  • Factory precharge: 12 psig
  • Max. working pressure: 100 psig
  • Max. operating temperature: 240°F
  • Strong, deep-drawn steel tank
  • Projection-welded air stem maintains precharge setting



Available Models
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Amtrol 101-1 Extrol Expansion Tank - EX-15 MODEL (15) - Volume: 2 Login
Amtrol 102-1 Extrol Expansion Tank - EX-30 MODEL (30) - Volume: 4.4 Login
Amtrol 103-1 Extrol Expansion Tank - EX-60 MODEL (60) - Volume: 7.6 Login
Amtrol 112-1 Extrol Expansion Tank - EX-90 MODEL (90) - Volume: 14 Login
Amtrol 118-27 Extrol Expansion Tank - SX-30V STAND MODEL - Volume: 14 Login
Amtrol 118-78 Extrol Expansion Tank - SX-40V STAND MODEL - Volume: 20 Login